Our contribution to radon measurement and radon protection

In the Radiation Protection Act, a binding reference value for the radon activity concentration of 300 Bq/m³ at workplaces and in indoor recreation rooms was defined. In some areas so called “Radonvorsorgegebiet” exists an obligation to measure rooms with workplaces in the basement and ground floor.

In the course of this, the VKTA may implement measurements of radon activity concentration at workplaces, recreation rooms and other properties. With the available metrology time-resolved and integrating measurements can be made.

VKTA is acknowledged by the German Federal Authority of Radiation Protection for measurements of the radon activity concentration at workplaces. Anerkennungsbescheid
Furthermore, VKTA offers measurements of radon activity concentration in the soil-air and the estimation of the geogenic radon potential.

The VKTA experts partly certified by the Civil Academy of Saxony as “Radon Expert” will be happy to advise you on radon and provide information on the measurement methodology and evaluation of existing situations.