Environmental and radionuclide analysis

Our analytical services

Our focus is on the determination of artificial and natural radionuclides in a wide activity range (mBq to GBq) as well as trace and main components in different sample matrices.

We offer you a complex range of services: We provide demand-oriented advice on the content and scope of analyses and, if necessary, on sampling implementation. The quality-compliant processing of more extensive analysis orders is guaranteed by competent specialist personnel, solid technical equipment and regular quality controls within the framework of accreditation.

Our services range from analysis, the implementation of problem-oriented laboratory tests to the preparation of recommendations and evaluation based on results. Our performance is documented in a wide range of references and fields of work:

Operation and dismantling of nuclear installations

  • Radiological investigation, in-situ measurements, sampling
  • Analysis accompanying decomposition (radionuclides, pollutants)
  • Nuclear material analysis
  • Excretion analysis
  • Immission and emission monitoring
  • Evaluation of the analysis results

Remediation of mining and other contaminated sites

  • Analytics for remediation of former uranium mines
  • Investigation of contaminated sites (radiological, chemical-toxic)

Consumer protection

  • Radionuclide analysis of drinking and mineral waters
  • Natural radioactivity in medical ceramics
  • Radioactivity in building materials
  • Nuclear purity of radiopharmaceuticals for PET investigations
  • Investigations for innovative radiopharmaceuticals


  • Analysis of natural radionuclides in solids and liquids
  • Radioactivity in Deep Geothermal Energy
  • Assessments of radiation exposure at NORM workplaces
  • Professional disposal of NORM materials
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