Environmental analysis

Our contribution to the declaration of residual materials

Due to our modern analytical methods, the accredited laboratory for environmental and radionuclide analysis can perform various tasks for the complex declaration of residual materials. In particular we are available for the following tasks:

  • Implementation of waste analysis for disposal according to KrWG, LAGA and/or landfill regulations
  • Analytics during construction
  • Analytical determination of the material (chemical) composition of radioactively contaminated substances

The following method complexes are available for this purpose:

  • Matrix-oriented sample preparation
  • Chemical-physical characterisation
  • Wet chemical methods, e.g. gravimetry, volumetry
  • Chromatographic methods, e.g. ion chromatography, gas chromatography
  • Spectrometric methods, e.g. ICP-MS, photometry
  • Electrochemical measurement methods, e.g. potentiometry, voltammetry, analysis using ion-sensitive electrodes