Commercial affairs

Financial accounting:

Financial accounting ensures the transparent presentation of all association-related commercial transactions. The recording is carried out with modern financial management systems that meet the cameralistic requirements of the donors.

Suppliers information:

The VKTA receives invoice documents exclusively in electronic form at in PDF file format.

Suppliers information


The tasks of controlling/project management include the regular transfer of business management information in a structured and condensed form to the Management Board, the commercial management and the specialist departments as a basis for monitoring profitability and assessing business development on the basis of target figures.

In addition, the administrative processing of project outlines, research proposals and funding projects are part of the scope of duties.

Law and Administration:

The work of the Legal and Administration Department focuses on advising all organisational units of the VKTA in all legal matters which includes among other things labour law, compulsory execution, conducting contract negotiations and preparing contracts ready for signature, drafting and updating company regulations with legal implications and the implementation of national and international tenders.

Human resources:

The human resources department accompanies VKTA employees from the job advertisement through to their departure from the company. Application management, the management of personnel files, the processing of working times, holidays and absence times, payroll accounting and the compilation of statistics are just some of the many tasks in this area.

Technical purchasing:

Technical purchasing is responsible for the procurement of materials, capital goods and services. Procurement is carried out in accordance with the principles of economic efficiency and economy in competition, in compliance with the Saxon Financial Regulation and public procurement regulations.

Construction management:

VKTA’s construction management is responsible for the maintenance of buildings and rooms as well as outdoor facilities and traffic routes, for construction management and client representation for construction and renovation, for the maintenance of property documentation and property matters, and for close cooperation with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf on technical building and supply systems.