Radioactive waste

Our contribution to waste and nuclear material management

The radioactive waste generated during the operation and dismantling of the nuclear facilities at the Rossendorf research site is temporarily stored in the VKTA. To this end, the VKTA operates the Rossendorf interim storage facility for all types of solid radioactive waste. This waste remains here until it is transferred to a federal repository.

A distinction is made between the different types of waste in this interim storage, as they are handled differently. Solid low-level radioactive waste is stored in primary containers, mostly in 200-litre waste drums. During intermediate storage, they are stored in 20-ft freight containers or in so-called KONRAD containers. Wastes with a higher activity or a higher local dose rate are contained in shielding containers made of cast iron, for example.

Furthermore, the VKTA operates all collection facilities for laboratory waste water as well as the laboratory waste water purification plant for the entire Rossendorf research site. The laboratory waste water produced is radiologically controlled by radiation protection and then chemically treated before being discharged into the municipal sewage system. If laboratory waste water or liquid radioactive waste requires treatment, the VKTA has various treatment options.

An essential part of waste management is the documentation of waste. In doing so, all authorisation and radiation protection legal aspects must be taken into account and the conditions of the KONRAD repository must be observed. For this purpose, the VKTA uses an electronic database, which maps the entire waste flow with all material and radiological parameters.

A further central task in the dismantling of the nuclear facilities is to secure the nuclear fuel available at the Rossendorf research site and to ensure its proper disposal. In order to fulfil this task, the entire nuclear fuel was therefore combined in a specially constructed facility. At this location, the necessary technical facilities are located for safe custody and for the preparation of the conditioning of nuclear fuel for disposal.

Information obligation of the VKTA according to the German Atomic Energy Act

According to Section 7c, Paragraph 2, No. 4 of the Atomic Energy Act, the VKTA, as the licensee, is obliged to inform the public about proper operation, notifiable events and (nuclear) accidents in nuclear facilities:

Interim storage facility in Rossendorf (ZLR), approved in accordance with Section 12 (1) No. 3 of the German Radiation Protection Act

The ZLR is in normal operation.

There has been no reportable incident or radioactive accident in the past 12 months.