Residue management

Our contribution to residue management

In the course of residue management, low-level radioactive residual materials in solid and liquid form are treated with the aim of decontaminating them to such an extent that they can be recycled without damage following a corresponding clearance. If this is not possible, they are conditioned for final storage. These substances are measured by means of gamma scanners as part of the product control process in order to check compliance with the required limit values. This work is being carried out in the residue treatment plant, which went into operation in spring 2000.

Radioactive waste water is collected in the residue treatment plant and decontaminated with the aid of ion exchangers or by precipitation. Sludges and contaminated ion exchange resins are formed, which are then filled and dried. Solid radioactive residual materials and waste can be dismantled, sorted, decontaminated and conditioned as required in the treatment plant. A variety of different tools and equipment are available for this purpose (plasma cutting system, band saw system, cutting caissons, sorting box, ultrasonic bath, press, dry pressure blasting system). In addition, the residual material treatment plant is used, among other things, for the conditioning of radioactive waste suitable for final disposal into KONRAD containers according to a schedule approved by the Federal Association for Final Storage.

In addition to a gamma scanner (drum measuring station), two radiochemical laboratories are available in the treatment plant for quality assurance and product control.