Regional collection facility

Radioactive Waste collection facility of the Free State of Saxony

The collection facility of the Free State of Saxony for radioactive waste is the central contact point for the disposal of radioactive waste from medicine, industry, education and research in the federal states of Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. This is where the safe interim storage of radioactive waste takes place, which must be disposed of by those obliged to deliver to the regional collection facility in accordance with § 5 (4) of the AtEV.

The waste may contain nuclear fuel in accordance with § 2 (3) of the Atomic Energy Act and must have been generated in Saxony, Thuringia or Saxony-Anhalt. The cost-based acceptance of waste is contractually regulated and is based on the user regulations of the regional collection facility.

The employees of the regional collection facility advise and support the parties obliged to deliver in the preparation of the delivery and acceptance of the waste for interim storage as well as in the implementation and organisation of the necessary transport of hazardous goods to the regional collection facility.

The regional collection facility shall make packaging available for a fee at the request of the party obliged to deliver in accordance with the regulations on use.

User-Arrangement (PDF, German language)
Cost-Arrangement from January 1st, 2024 (PDF, German language)

For some time now, radioactive material has been frequently found in private households or in connection with private individuals. These found items must also be handed to the regional collection facility. Further information from the competent authority can be found here: