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In our media library we provide selected photos, graphics, videos and audio on the work tasks of the VKTA. 

Please note the following terms of use:

Unless otherwise stated, the rights of use of all media placed in the media library are held by VKTA – Radiation protection, analytics & disposal Rossendorf Inc. They may be used free of charge for non-commercial, scientific purposes, for distribution in the press and media and for educational purposes under the following conditions: 

The VKTA must be clearly indicated as the source, unless another copyright is indicated. The reference must be uniquely associated with each photo and graphic used, for example:

Photo: VKTA – Radiation Protection, Analytics & Disposal Rossendorf Inc. / John Smith or for space reasons photo: VKTA / J. Smith

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The media in this media library may not be offered or distributed in other image databases, on data carriers, by e-mail or in the social media. Any use in connection with illegal content is prohibited.

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Nuklidkarte Detail
Foto: Gregor Beger, VKTA, 2017
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Probenmessung am Flüssigszintillationsmessplatz
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Probenmessung am ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry)
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Landessammelstelle des Freistaats Sachsen
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Messung von Proben
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Behandlungsarbeiten im Caisson
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Inspektion eines Abfallfasses
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Gammaspektrometrie im Niederniveaumesslabor Felsenkeller
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Dekontaminationsarbeiten in einer Strahlbox
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Freimessanlage des VKTA
Foto: Jan Gutzeit, 2015
Dr. Schlösser
Foto: Christian Juppe, 2018