Leak testing site

Leak testing of sealed radiation sources

Sealed radiation source contains radioactive substances. It is designed to prevent these substances from escaping under normal conditions of use, thus eliminating any possibility of radioactive contamination and incorporation. The tightness of sealed radiation sources shall be regularly verified. The VKTA can use a variety of sampling and measurement methodologies for this purpose.

Our service for you:

Inspection at the customer’s site: Officially recognised experts inspect the radiation source at its place of use: Laboratory, construction site or production plant.

Your benefit:

  • Minimal downtime
  • No transport, low administration and documentation costs
  • Test equipment is brought along
  • No restriction on activity in the testing activity
  • Admission as an expert in the Free State of Saxony and in the State of Brandenburg

Testing of radiation sources in the VKTA: Acceptance of radiation sources for testing in our leak testing facility

Your benefit:

  • Further examination possibilities of the radiation source is possible
  • Check and evaluation of shielding
  • Acceptance of radiation sources up to 5E+06  times of the exemption limit