Regional collection point

The regional collection point is the central contact point e.g. for scientists, nuclear physicians or manufacturers from Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, who need to dispose of radioactive waste. It accepts radioactive waste for intermediate storage, which persons/institutions responsible for delivery according to § 76 clause 4 StrlSchV (Radiation Protection Ordinance) have to deliver to the regional collection point.
The radioactive waste may contain nuclear fuels according to AtG § 2 clause 3 (Atomic Energy Act) and must have accrued in Saxony, Thuringia or Saxony-Anhalt. The acceptance of the waste with costs is stipulated by contract and is based on the terms of use of the regional collection point.


The employees of the regional collection point advise and assist those responsible for delivery in the preparation of the delivery and acceptance of the waste for intermediate storage as well as in the realisation and organisation of the required transport of hazardous goods to the regional collection point.

According to the terms of use, the regional collection point provides packaging with costs on request of those who are responsible for the delivery.

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