Radiation protection

Safety and radiation protection are of utmost importance when handling radioactive substances. An important aspect also applies to radiation protection in the vicinity of Rossendorf as well as to the safety of visitors. Furthermore, highest standards apply within VKTA for environmental protection, fire protection and occupational health and safety.

Along with dosimetric monitoring of persons and systems, we use computer-aided simulations and an officially appointed Incorporation measuring point to ensure all aspects of radiation protection. In addition, our experts are regularly involved in international studies on safety-relevant topics and are committed to professional training and further education at the Riesa and Bautzen universities of cooperative education.

Detailed fields of work

  • Operation of an incorporation measuring point
  • Ensuring radiation protection on location
  • Radiation transport calculations
  • Training and further education
  • Monitoring of whole and partial body expositions in case of external radiation,
  • Dosimeter service
  • Activity determinations within different environmental materials (radiation protection analytics laboratory)
  • Measurement of the radiation situation by means of a mobile measuring system
  • Conception and execution of emission and immission monitoring programmes
  • Propagation and exposition calculations for the air path
  • Meteorological measurements and weather statistics for the Rossendorf area
  • Release of substances with low radioactivity for recycling or disposal
  • Service for radiation protection measuring technology (consultation for procurement,  periodic inspections)
  • Offerings for training and further education in the field of radiation protection
  • Leakage tests of radiation sources

The annual reports can be downloaded from the archive.