Decommissioning and dismantling of the nuclear installations and buildings of the former Rossendorf Central Institute of Nuclear Research is accomplished up to "green field" conditions.

The dismantling projects are the Rossendorf research reactor, the zero-potential reactors RRR and RAKE, the radio-pharmaceutical laboratory, the installations for radiation sources and  fission molybdenum production AMOR and last but not least a complex of installations of the former Rossendorf isotope production. Required disposal facilities such as storage facilities for solid and liquid radioactive waste and their special drainage systems will also be dismantled.

Abrissbagger am Rossendorfer Forschungsreaktor RueckbauarbeitenAbbruch des Schornsteins

The decommissioning of the plants and facilities in the individual dismantling projects is principally carried out in clearly defined decommissioning phases approved by the responsible authorising and supervisory agency, such as

  • Shutdown (irreversible decommissioning) of the plants,
  • Depletion and removal (dismantling) of the plants,
  • Decontamination of the building structures and adjacent outside premises,
  • Release monitoring of such structures and areas as well as demolition of the buildings.

The decommissioning of the nuclear installations and buildings is completed with the subsequent release from supervision under nuclear laws and regulations. Afterwards, the recultivated former nuclear areas can return to be used conventionally.