Leakage test of enclosed radiation sources

The leakage test is one of the standard tasks within radiation protection. An enclosed radiation source contains radioactive substances and is built in such a way that under normal conditions of use, leakage is prevented and thus any possibility for contamination is excluded. These radioactive enclosed radiation sources, which are frequently used in industry, medicine and research, are often small and can be easily transported.

Our offers

On-site inspection on the customer' premises: officially approved experts inspect on location of the radiation source: laboratory, construction site or production plant.
Your benefits:

  • Minimum downtimes
  • No transport, small administration and documentation effort
  • Testing equipment is provided
  • Test approval up to  4·1014 Bq

Our offers

Inspection at VKTA: acceptance of radiation sources for inspection in our leakage test centre

Your benefits:

  • Further inspection of the radiation sources possible
  • Control and evaluation of the shielding of the radiation sources
  • Acceptance up to 2·1010 Bq