Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Monitoring of radioactive emissions and immissions at the Dresden-Rossendorf research site and its vicinity is an important field of work with regard to radiation protection. In this process, compliance with specified limit values for the discharge of radioactive substances with the flue exhaust air and wastewater is continuously monitored and documented. 
Radiation protection analyses are carried out to samples and in situ as a service for radiation protection areas within VKTA and HZDR and for external clients.

Emission monitoring:

  • Measuring and accounting of discharge of radioactive substances with exhaust air and wastewater from installations of VKTA and the Dresden-Rossendorf research centre (HZDR)
  • Control of limit values

Immission monitoring:

  • Measurement of the radioactivity content in environmental media in the vicinity of the research site
  • Accident precaution: training with a mobile measuring system in the vicinity of the research site; organisation of the stand-by duties for radiation protection

Sample analytics and monitoring:

  • Analyses of up to 5,000 samples per annum from emission and immission monitoring, from radiation protection areas of VKTA and HZDR and from external clients
  • On-site analyses in areas of radiation protection, e.g. with in-situ gamma spectrometry and ambient air monitoring
  • Measuring laboratory with quality-assured analysis procedures for the determination of radionuclides
  • Online measuring network for environment monitoring
    Meteorological and hydrological measurements:
  • Site-specific meteorological data for the assessment of the propagation of airborne radioactive substances (e.g. with DOPPLER-SODAR)
  • Weather data recording, propagation statistics according to KTA-1508
  • Hydrological data of water measuring points, e.g. at the wastewater transfer point to the municipal sewage system

Calculation of the radiation exposure:

  • Calculation of the radiation exposure due to emissions via exhaust air and wastewater with Gauss and Lagrange models
  • Safety analyses for the operation in compliance with the law as well as for accident scenarios in the scope of new and modified approvals


  • Quarterly reports on environment monitoring for radiation protection