Dismantling & disposal

For the decommissioning of nuclear plants, our experts have long-term experience in dismantling management. They have sound knowledge of nuclear technology, of operation and monitoring of nuclear plants, of radiation protection and process technology. Special emphasis is placed on proper preparation and execution of approval procedures under nuclear law.

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Including even unconventional solutions, the focus is placed upon safe, cost-saving and efficient execution in the course of radiologic release of building structures and surfaces. Professional treatment, careful packaging and competent disposal of the waste and residues accruing during dismantling are services applicable for special requirements. VKTA will assist you in this process as a reliable partner from the very beginning.

Detailed fields of work

  • Declaration of waste and preparation of waste documentations
  • Decontamination of system components
  • Intermediate storage until evacuation to ultimate storage
  • Operation of the regional collection point for Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia