Declaration of residual materials and waste

The following services can be rendered based on the methods for analysis in the accredited laboratory for environmental and radionuclide analytics:

  • Realisation of waste analytics for disposal according to KrWG/AbfG (Life-Cycle Resource Management Act/Waste Act) as per LAGA (waste working group of federal and state governments) and/or Regulation for Waste Disposal Sites
  • Analytics, design and preparation during construction in the run-up to construction and dismantling measures
  • Consultation/recommendations for the required scope of analyses
  • Evaluation of the analysis data with regard to waste classification
  • Recommendation of adequate recycling and/or removal options
  • Information on occupational health and safety, dismantling technology in consideration of the potential of hazardous/harmful substances, if applicable
  • Analytic determination of the material (chemical) composition of radioactive waste
  • Material description of waste incl. radioactive waste with respect to the inventory of harmful substances