Decision measurement and release of substances with small activity

We have a comprehensive wealth of experience in the field of decision measurement and release. We have been performing such measuring since the beginning of the nineteen nineties on our systems and in-house containers as well as by customer order and determine compliance with release values for the supervisory authority.

We offer the following services:

  • Development of concepts for exploration, measuring and release
  • Execution of radiological measurements and decision measurements
  • Identification and evaluation of nuclide vectors
  • Preparation of decisions for release and/or release at the Rossendorf location
  • Disposal of released residual materials
  • External quality assurance on Gamma Release Monitor: Provision of comparison containers and evaluation, recommendations

VKTA-InSitu-Messungen VKTA-Freimessen von Gebaeudestrukturen VKTA-Freimessanlage

In order to carry out all required measurements, we have qualified personnel and a comprehensive pool of measuring equipment to carry out direct and indirect contamination measurements, nuclide-specific measurements of the gamma radiation and measurements of the total gamma radiation. In this process we use the following measuring devices and procedures: contamination monitors, total counting probes (also moving through pipe), in situ gamma ray spectrometer with CdZnTe, NaI and Ge detectors (also electrically cooled), Gamma Release Monitor RADOS RTM642 and radio-chemical procedures for the test analysis. Officially approved special technical instructions determine how the individual procedures are to be used.

Frequent measuring objects are:

  • Standard containers (e.g. 200 litres waste casks, pallet boxes)
  • Special containers (special measuring geometries)
  • Building structures and paved surfaces,
  • Building pits and unpaved soil areas,
  • Plant components

Utilise our competence and our measuring technology!